Together with our customers, our team of visionaries and analysts is developing an intelligent system solution that can predict chiller failures and malfunctions with a high degree of probability and even forecast the time remaining until the incident. 

Depending on the specific application and installed system solution, intelligent components and sensors evaluate what we call ‘Intelligence of Technology’ patterns during ongoing operation. In doing so, specified application conditions, operating conditions and properties, as well as failure or malfunction conditions are compared. The result is a wear-based data analysis that is used, among other things, for the predictive maintenance of a chiller’s main components. 

The findings about operating conditions gained from the Intelligence of Technology patterns provide the following options: 

  • Facility optimization (energy savings; extension of the component service life through improved operating conditions)
  • Remote monitoring, incl. remote diagnostics
  • Remote control, incl. reactive intervention in the event of an incident
  • Predictive maintenance, incl. replacement of components before they fail and cause machine downtimes 

Data can be recorded via specifically developed or configured components, sensors and software solutions (algorithms).


  • Safeguarding operations at minimum downtime, maximum facility availability (uptime) and therefore extended service life
  • Preventive maintenance at the right time: exact planning of repair and downtimes
  • Minimum downtime costs - no express shipping fees or additional service costs for rushed orders outside standard times due to procurement of spare parts within the scope of maintenance
  • Optimization of spare parts inventory and availability
  • Increase in energy efficiency: advice on load profiles, ideal selection of products
  • Accurate fault diagnostics, also via remote maintenance, for high first-time fix rate (no repeat visits or downtimes)
  • External service: lifelong monitoring and maintenance
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