Frequent maintenance for more efficient operation

Despite its small size in relation to the entire facility, a chiller plays an extremely important role: If the chiller fails and the application is insufficiently cooled, the high uptime in medical technology can no longer be guaranteed, and lasers may lose their precision or become unavailable, which means that downstream processes/process steps come to a standstill. With 3D printing, printing processes may be canceled, leading to high costs and major delays.

This is why it is so important to have the chiller serviced regularly by qualified service technicians, just like other components of the overall facility/application, in order to avoid such scenarios to the extent possible. 


Maximum safety in operations, protection of people’s health and the environment
Responsibility and liability reduced to a minimum
Considerable reduction in downtime and maximum productivity
Highest reliability and availability of the installed equipment
Overall optimization of your facility performance
Full compliance with safety norms and regulations 

The goal of chiller maintenance is to ensure the chiller’s nominal condition and function so that the system operates safely and effectively – also with regard to people’s health and the environment. Impurities are removed, the chiller’s configuration is checked and readjusted, if necessary. If repairs are required during maintenance, these are also carried out. The chiller maintenance checklist also includes a leak test. How often maintenance is necessary depends on the installation site and the refrigerant used. If the chiller is registered, you will receive automatic reminders of the next maintenance interval.

In many countries, the maintenance of refrigeration systems is required by law. In Germany, for example, the company carrying out the work must be certified in accordance with § 6  of the Chemicals Climate Protection Act (ChemKlimaSchutzV). KKT chillers with its service team meets all legal requirements and guarantees safe operation of the installed chillers.

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